People with disabilities are NOT stupid.

    People with disabilities are NOT stupid.


    Recently, a teacher was talking to class regarding grades. He said something like, “A student with autism who is not the brightest and has bad grades in classes gets better grades in this class than the smart students, because they put in effort and actually study.” I’m saying this because he associated someone with autism, a disability, to stupidity and seemingly unwise. The fact that people associate stupidity and foolishness with someone with a disability or disabilities is actually extremely offensive and unnecessarily rude. Although someone has a disability, it should not reflect on whether or not they’re smart or not. It is rude, altogether, to call someone “dumb”. Some people may be better at something else or another subject than you, and the fact that being smart is limited to being good at school and getting good grades is actually stupid. I’m sure you’ve seen the quote, “Don’t judge a goldfish by its ability to climb a tree.”


    A disability does not make you stupid. In fact, it makes you brave, courageous, and most definitely worth it. People with disabilities are still people, so why treat them as if they were lesser? A disability doesn’t hinder anyone. People who have the mindset that disabilities only lead to the growth of unable people are stupid themselves. A disability doesn’t make you unable, in fact, it grows you to become strong and able.


    Someone growing with a disability has to go through so much more than one without. They have to face society as a “burden” and grow up feeling that they’re useless, all because we have people in this world that call people with disabilities “stupid.” This doesn’t go out for only rare diseases, but for all disorders and disabilities. 


    This is a short post, but I think it’s something we need to bring up and talk about more often. Disabled people are NOT a burden on society, they are a blessing.



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